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About Legacy Dance Studio
Legacy Dance Studio was started in 2015 as a continuation of Teresa’s School of Dance and runs on the same philosophy that Teresa created, that dance should be fun and for anyone. She opened her studio in 1975 with the encouragement of her instructor and with the help of her sister, Hallie, ran successfully for 40 years. I began dancing in 1990 and instructing in 2002. And with the encouragement of Teresa, as she had with the teacher before her, I decided to continue their legacy and share my love of dance with others with the help of my sister, Jennifer.
Lauren Lipinski, owner

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide our students with dance education in a fun, safe, and relaxing atmosphere. We encourage students to do their best without the pressure of competition. All students, no matter what their level of experience and ability, should have the opportunity to learn dance and enjoy themselves while doing so. We want our students to build self-esteem while learning about coordination, balance, teamwork, and discipline.