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​​registering for 2018-2019 season
Current Classes
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    Happy Feet (30 min)
    Basic Body Movement and Positioning
    Age 2
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    Preschool 1 Combo (40 min)
    +Tap +Ballet +Basic Tumbling
    Ages 3-4
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    Preschool 2 Combo (40 min)
    +Tap +Ballet +Basic Jazz +Basic Tumbling
    Ages 4-5
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    Ballet (40 min)
    Ages 5+
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    Jazz (40 min)
    Ages 5+
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    Tap (40 min)
    Ages 5+
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    Hip Hop (40 min)
    Ages 5+
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    Lyrical (40 min)
    +Ballet or Jazz experience preferred
    Ages 5+
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    Baton (40 min)
    +Jazz experience preferred +Must provide own baton
    Ages 5+
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    Pointe (40 min)
    +Must be proficient in Ballet +Participation is at the discretion of the teacher
Additional Information
Students are expected to attend each lesson and be on time ready to dance. If a student is to miss class, make-ups are at the teacher’s discretion. There will be no reimbursement of the monthly fee for missed lessons.
Students will respect teachers/student assistants at all times. Excessive talking will not be permitted during class time. When the teacher is instructing, students are to be quiet, but asking questions is encouraged at appropriate times. Food and cell phone use are prohibited during class time. Phones will remain off and in bag during class time. Students may bring water to drink at reasonable intervals. Practice is important and we encouraged students to stretch and practice technique and routines outside of class. Students are encouraged to bring a blank CD for the teacher to burn their music and parents or students may take notes of the steps at the end of class. Parents/guardians may observe during the last 5 minutes of each class.
Students are expected to wear appropriate dance attire. Clothing will be form fitting. No baggy, or loose fitting articles will be worn during class time. Examples off appropriate attire include leotards, tights, crop pants, leggings, tank tops, “exercise” clothing. Hair will be pulled back in a ponytail or bun, so that it is not covering the face.
  • Proper and well-fitting dance shoes must be worn to class.
  • Dance shoes are never to be worn outdoors.
                                  Tap: Black lace-up, not split sole; unless otherwise requested
                                  Jazz: Basic black jazz shoe
                                  Hip Hop: may use basic black jazz shoe or black dance sneaker with split sole
                                  Lyrical: foot undies or strappy sandal lyrical shoe
                                  Ballet: pink ballet flats
                                  Pointe: Pink pointe shoe, properly fitted. Toe pads must be worn and ribbons                  
                                  attached to shoe
                                  Preschool Combo: ​black child’s tap shoe and pink ballet flats
                                  Happy Feet: plain white tennis shoe or Keds
  • Shoe selection may also be at the teacher’s discretion.
A costume will be required for recital and will be chosen by the teacher. The fee for the costume will be split into 3 payments. The first 2 payments of $30 each will be due the 3rd week of October and the 3rd week of November. The final balance of the costume will be due by the 3rd week of December. Costumes must be paid in full at the time they are ordered. If a costume is not paid in full by delivery, the student will not receive their costume until paid. Costume deposits are non-refundable and a $20 fee will be charged for costumes that must be returned. There may be optional fundraisers during the year to help defer cost of the costumes. Any money made with the fundraiser will first be applied to costumes, and if any money if left over will be applied to tuition payments.
Dress Rehearsal and Recital:
Date and location of the dance recital are TBA, usually in June. Students are not required to be in the recital but is encouraged. Any student participating in the recital MUST attend dress rehearsal. Dress rehearsal is a closed function and can only be attended by the student’s parent or guardian. Tickets will be available for sale a few weeks before recital
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